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Thursday, November 10, 2011

That Thing's a Freaking Horse!

Situation: 5:20 p.m. I had just arrived at Bo's daycare to take him home. He wanted to show me the daycare's newest resident, Rosie, the pot-bellied pig. As we walked over to see her, a father and another preschooler were also going to visit Rosie. Apparently this father has not seen Rosie for several weeks.

Daycare father: So where is she?

Preschooler: Here she is, Daddy! See Rosie! I want to hold her!! I want to hold her!!

Daycare father: Jeez! She's grown! That thing's a freaking horse!!

Bo (totally deadpan, not skipping a beat): That thing's a freaking pig.

Me (slightly embarrassed but dying laughing inside): Shhh.

Daycare father: [Stares at Bo for a few seconds.] HAHAHAHAH!!! HAHAHAHA!! Kid, you told me.

Bo: That's a freaking pig, Mama.

* * * *

I've been dying to share that story with you. Oh that Bo, he keeps me laughing. And as predicted, after his off week last week, he's had a "super fantastic" week this week. That's another of his favorite phrases right now, "super fantastic." Today his report said that he: 1. Did great at preschool during sharing time. 2. Participated nicely at story time. 3. Was bitten on the finger but did not retaliate. and 4. Was hit by a peer but did not hit him back, instead called a teacher to help

Woohoooo! Oh we were so proud of him! He can control his temper! Tonight we toasted Bo at the dinner table. And he was very excited about it. 

* * * *

The boys are loving the snow. It's melted pretty much all over town, but there's a big patch still in our backyard. They've gone out the last two nights to have snowball fights in the dark while we make supper. Tonight's beautiful full moon had them very excited. They come in wet, cold and rosy-cheeked. I always have dry clothes and warm socks waiting for them. 

Mazy requested that I take this picture and put it on my blog and he told me what to write for the caption:

"Two boys getting warm after a big snowball fight" -- Mazy, age 6

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  1. I'm laughing out loud! The real kind - not just an LOL. I wish I could see a video of that.