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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig

Well, I can't really complain about having to go back to work this week. After being there a whopping 3.5 hours on Monday, daycare called and said Bo had a fever of 102.5 degrees. I packed up and picked him up. Took him to the doctor that afternoon and found out that there's a mysterious viral infection going around with symptoms of a high fever, loss of appetite and tiredness.

The doctor said he should stay home today from daycare, so he and I are hanging out once again.

We're going to pick Mazy up at 3:20 when school is out and all go to the library for a few books. It's usually a disaster at the library because Bo gets mad and throws a fit and I have to haul him out as he screams and shouts. But, ever the optimist, I'm hoping today will be better!

Oh, and I should have prefaced that by saying that Bo's fever disappeared at about 11 last night and has not returned. So I feel safe taking him out for a short trip. He will return to daycare tomorrow if no symptoms return.

We have found our 2011 family charity! After Bo suggested we raise money for a "park," I was flipping through a pile of mail and found the quarterly Polk County Conservation's "Nature News". We have participated in several of their activities during the past few years, and certainly enjoy the many parks in the Polk County Conservation district. So, it's the perfect choice for us in 2011. If we raise at least $100 for their "Great Outdoors Fund" we will be official "friends of nature." AND, as an extra bonus, there are several opportunities this spring to volunteer and help clean up some of the parks. So I'm marking them on our calendar!

Well, I think I'll make an early lunch and get Bo down for a nap before our trip to the library. Stay warm!


  1. Help me not be Frenchy's House Party!! I don't know what I've done! Hate that Bo was sick....but wasn't it nice to be able to come home, especially if he was all laid back and tired. Wonder how that trip to the library went. It sounded like your post Christmas week was wonderful. I hate for you that you can't be a stay at home Mom - you have so many talents you would fill your time, make a good volunteer, be a fun Mom.....oh wait - maybe heat and food also need to be addressed! Headed out to work today also. Have a good one.

  2. Cindy, I can't figure out why you're Frenchy's House party either??? It's so weird. When you sign into your account, does it say that? Wish I had a solution for you!