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Saturday, October 30, 2010

November Is Looking Good...

Remember on Oct. 1 how excited I was about our 31 Days of Halloween? Well, I was. And it was exciting. And tonight was another fun-filled Halloween event.

But I'm tired. Not even Christmas is this much work!!

Tonight we went to Ankeny for trick-or-treating with Uncle Doug, Aunt Jean and Marla. First we had pizza and snacks in Aunt Jean's BEAUTIFUL new kitchen. Really, it is very, very nice. She did an excellent job choosing everything. She's quite the stylista.

Uncle Doug and Marla went to Pappa Murphy's for a pumpkin-shaped pizza and a Bacon, Bacon, Bacon pizza for the adults. Pappa Murphy's, if you're listening, the service was NOT good, according to Doug. He waited 45 MINUTES for his pizza! And you didn't even greet him for 30 minutes! That is terrible customer service. I know you were busy, but really, you need to have a person devoted to greeting and serving your customers. And probably you should have thrown in a free tub of chocolate chip cookie dough for his troubles.... But your pizza was good, so at least you have that going for you.

It was another beautiful day and night in Iowa. The kids jumped on the trampoline until the pizzas were ready. Then Marla and Mazy got dressed in their costumes. Bo did not want to go. No surprise there. And I wasn't going to force him. He may just not be a Halloween-kind-0f kid. Shocking, I know. I'm still trying to understand it. But perhaps our enthusiasm for the holiday has turned him off. Who knows.

Also, we forgot to pack Mazy's costume. We thought it was still in the van from last night's trick-or-treating in Nevada with Shawn's parents. But the good news is, 0ur van had enough Halloween stuff in it that we were able to create a new costume. Yes, that's right. We are so crazy about Halloween, that I just happened to have: a devil's pitch fork, a devil's mask, a pumpkin mask, a giant ax, a goblin mask, two Amish boy hats, an ugly bat mask, and some other junk suitable for costumes strewn around my minivan.

Mazy chose an Amish boy hat (bought by his grandparents at a real Amish general store), the goblin mask, and the big ax. He wore his sweatshirt and jeans, and looked good! And very spooky. Marla was in her pretty little witch's costume with the colored ribbons on the skirt. Shawn was in one of his 12 Halloween shirts. (yes, he really does have 12). Doug wore his Michael Meyers mask -- which terrified Bo.

While they trick-or-treated, Jean, Bo and I hung out watching Dora's Halloween Adventure. After an hour of collecting candy from Ankeny's rich southsiders, they returned to the house and wanted to go trampolining in the dark. Doug started a fire in his fire pit. Shawn found all the good chocolate from trick or treating. Jean made me a cup of hot chocolate. It was a great way to end Halloween.

Just one event left: Day of the Dead celebration at the Art Center tomorrow. I think we can do it!

P.S. Shawn and I had a WONDERFUL time together last night at the Indian restaurant in Ames, the India Palace. I love Indian food! Everything was so good -- pakora and samosas for appetizers, chicken something for supper with spinach and tomatoes and Indian spices, and Naan bread. And the most delicious Masala tea. Shawn really enjoyed it too. It was nice to be just the two of us.

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  1. Loved the Honey Creek photo's - that place looks like so much fun. Perhaps a family gathering some time??? Your Halloween sounded like a great time, would have loved to have been there with all of you. Logan and I went to a Halloween Festival at the church she attends - really very nice and well done. Fireworks at the end. Beautiful weather here, don't know what our plans for the day are - so nice need to do something, but don't know what. Rest up - for the Holiday's are just now kicking off for round 2. Love to all