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Thursday, August 19, 2010

"I did it, Mama! I did it!"

The Hanson brothers -- Mazy and Bo, August 2010

Never underestimate the power of a spray bottle.

The boys were positively giddy tonight when I handed Mazy a spray bottle and Bo a rag and said, "Hey guys, do you want to clean the stairs?!"

Mazy sprayed and Bo wiped and scrubbed. They are one heck of a cleaning crew. After they did the stairs, they wanted more -- so I assigned them their bedroom door, and then the bathroom door, and then the banister on the stairs.

Every time Bo finished a step he yelled, "I did it, Mama! I did it!" It was, I must say, adorable. And Mazy was such a good big brother, telling Bo that he was doing a good job.

Speaking of No. 1 Big Brother, Mazy reports his second day of school was good. He has officially made a friend! Little blonde-haired Cooper -- the boy I suggested he talk to yesterday. Do I know how to pick them or what? I also figured out today that there is a sign-in sheet in the classroom and you're supposed to mark which entree your child wants for lunch that day and what time you will be picking them up. Mazy had the choice of chicken nuggets or a chef salad, and he picked the chef salad. He said it was good, but he couldn't eat it all because "it was just huge, Mama."

Tomorrow is a packed day at work, but with a super delightful reward for the end of the day -- The Iowa State Fair with Mom and Mazy!! I can't wait. We were going to take Shawn and Bo, but we have decided to take Bo on Sunday morning instead, with Shawn's parents. He just doesn't do so well at big events like that after daycare... He only last five minutes at Mazy's open house at school Monday night before Shawn picked him up like a sack of potatoes and yelled over his shoulder, "We'll pick you and Mazy up in an hour!"

So my sweet Bo will be able to attend the fair for the first time, eat a corndog, see the animals, see his first tube-topped East Sider, etc.

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  1. Sounds like life is going good! I'll bet Mazy will excel at school - good lunch choice he made. I really regret not going to the fair while I was home...time flew by so fast. REALLY enjoyed seeing you and your family - such sweet boys! Send them down here when they are done cleaning your house, I can always use good help. Isn't it amazing that we never think to let them help at things, and it makes them feel so good!

    Have fun at the fair