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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

T-minus 24 hours to Chicago!

Less than 4 hours of work left and then I'm on vacation until Monday morning. Yahooo! Just grabbed a quick lunch at Bruegger's Bagels -- yum -- no workouts this week, too busy finishing projects, putting out fires and trying to get stuff ready for the trip.

Still need to pack tonight, but I did get all the laundry done last night. Well, not put away, but the clothes are clean and not too wrinkled in their baskets. We also picked up the house and cleaned the boys' bedroom so Shawn and Bo will have a relatively clean house to themselves for the rest of the week.

Good ol' Shawn and Bo -- I am already feeling guilty that they are not joining us on our Chicago trip. Poor Bo has been left out of a lot this summer. And if I am honest with myself, I would say that had he been the oldest and not the 2nd born, he likely would have gotten to do a few of the things that Mazy is doing this summer, like going to Chicago. I'm pretty sure Mazy was only 2.75 years old when I took him for a two-week vacation to Cape Cod. Of course, that's different than 3 days in Chicago. We had the beach house, a vehicle and no schedule. God, it was great. I think of that vacation all the time. Pure bliss.

This upcoming Chicago trip is jam-packed with events from the moment we arrive tomorrow afternoon until we depart the Windy City on Saturday morning. If all goes as planned we will see:
  • Free concert at Millennium Park
  • The Field Museum
  • Shedd Aquarium
  • Sears Tower (or Wilson Tower, whatever it's called now)
  • Navy Pier
  • Boat Ride from Navy Pier
  • Children's Museum
  • Lego Land Store
  • Lots of tasty restaurants!
But before I can do any of those things, I have to get my work finished. So I better get to it. Also, tonight is Mazy's kindergarten registration. I still can't believe it. Mazy in kindergarten. So grown up. I still haven't heard if his open enrollment application was accepted so for now I am forced to enroll him at the local elementary school -- aka, "the hood" school. Poor Mazy. But it won't be for long. I'm getting us moved to Johnston ASAP. Well, relatively ASAP. Mom sent me a listing yesterday for an AWESOME house. I love it. Mazy loves it. Bo will love it. Shawn is not so hot on it, but that never stops me. :)

You can see it here. I feel like there's something we don't know about it though. It's very cheap for Johnston. Maybe someone was murdered in it. Or maybe it's next to a meat-packing plant. It seems like a "too good to be true."

Well, until the weekend! (I'm not taking my laptop, but if I find a public computer terminal I'll try for a quick update!)

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  1. Have fun on your trip. Give Andy a big hug for me also....all of you will have a great time. I LOVE the house - so not old farm house! But sometimes you've got to be able to go with the flow and change. Great yard! Be careful and enjoy. Kindergarten - can't believe it. Love you lots - Aunt C